Organic Lawn Treatment Programs

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Clean Air Lawn Care MooseOur combination of organic fertilizers, pre-emergent weed controls and microorganism soil builders is a proven organic treatment plan, which grows grass that’s both happy and healthy. For an added oomph, consider going off our standard menu by customizing your treatment program with a la carte services (from our ‘Localize’ option) that allows us to cater to even more of the environmental factors and unique conditions that affect your lawn.

Come Clean! Safe, Healthy, Organic Lawn Care

Organic Fertilizer, Weed Control - Clean Air Lawn Care

Organic Fertilizer and Weed Control, Before-and-After Results

Organic Treatment – A Refreshing Mixed Drink For Your Lawn

Our organic treatments are more or less mixed drinks for your lawn—made with equal measures of organic fertilizer, pre-emergent weed control, and microorganism soil builder—that leaves your grass feeling good. We won’t venture to guess what your yard will say to you after it downs a few of these cocktails—every lawn is different, after all—but we suspect it might spill a secret or two. It might even say something about how you’re pretty much, “like, the best homeowner ever!”

Organic Fertilizer & Weed Control Programs

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careGo Organic! Lawn Care Program

Our basic organic fertilization program for a safe and healthy lawn.

  • Spring Feed and Weed – Organic pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer combination (50% corn gluten/50% organic fertilizer)
  • Summer & Fall Sustain and Build – Organic fertilization coupled with micro-organism builder (50% kelp/50% organic fertilizer mix)

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careGo Organic! Enrichment Program

This organic lawn care program works double-time to restore the natural and beauty of your lawn. Consider upgrading to the enrichment program for a lawn lush enough to make the neighbors blush.

  • Spring Feed and Weed – Organic pre-emergent weed control/fertilizer combination (corn gluten).
  • Spring Builder – Micro-organism health builder (humic acid)
  • Summer Sustain – Organic fertilization
  • Summer Builder – Micro-organism health builder (kelp)
  • Fall Feed – Organic fertilization coupled with micro-organism soil builder (50% kelp/50% organic fertilizer mix)

Organic Leaf that represents organic lawn care.A La Carte Organic Lawn Treatment Services

Localize your organic fertilizer and weed control

  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigation consultation
  • Compost application
  • Herbicide spot spray weed control*
  • Local organic pest control

Please Customize Your Local Organic Treatment Plan!

*Currently there are no 100% organic products available that we feel confident using, which will effectively kill the weeds in your lawn. Until there is an effective organic product, we have chosen to carefully use effective post-emergent chemicals to control weeds. We are committed to leading a commercial movement aimed at eliminating the need for chemical herbicides long term.