About the Owners

Kevin and Heather Kortekaas

Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte team

Both Kevin and Heather worked in the corporate world for years and dreamed of owning their own business.  Because Kevin, Heather and their son love spending time outdoors playing football, camping, riding bikes, hiking and kayaking, it made sense to become a Clean Air Lawn Care owner.

Prior to having a child, they didn’t give much thought to the chemicals they were using to keep their grass green but watching a

clean air lawn care solar powered mowingchild play in grass that was treated with dangerous chemicals changed their mind about what should be applied to lawns. Today, Kevin and Heather try to maintain an organic lifestyle going beyond grass. They are making strides to do what they can to keep the air and soil clean.

Kevin and Heather are thrilled to have this opportunity with Clean Air Lawn Care to make changes beyond their yard and into the yards of others. Their team will make every effort to make sure you are happy with your lawn and they will do it using environmentally friendly methods.